Maximiliano Cristiani & Francesca Del Buono

Presenting Maximiliano & Francesca for the 5th Edition of Istanbul-Express Tango Festival


MAXIMILIANO CRISTIANI has studied with the greatest maestros of Tango Salon. His first teacher was Osvaldo Zotto, and he continued his education with Gerardo Portalea, Carlitos and Rosa Perez, Pupy Castello, Orlando Paiva, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Eduardo Parejita, El Chino Perico and other legendary masters.

He is well-known for his teaching methods and has educated hundreds of tango dancers, who themselves became professionals as well.

For the past 8 years he has been taking part in the most famous championships of tango, and with great success too: he became the 2005 Metropolitan Vice-Champion, 2008 Tango Escenario World Vice-Champion, the 2012 Buenos Aires Tango Salon Champion, 2012 Milonga Champion, 2012 World Tango Vice-Champion. And in 2013 he won the Tango de Pista World Championship.

He took part in many tango shows, including ones in Tango Palace, Café Tortoni, and the tango company Fascino Di Tango, Tangos Corporation.