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Participant Agreement


Registration starts on July 1st with first-come-first serve basis, on the website www.expresstango.org at 00:00.

Registration for classes and milongas automatically close when they reach the maximum capacity.

Registration for the festival will only be available online and at Express Dance Store In Istanbul, located at Hayriye Caddesi 18/B Çukurcuma Istanbul.

Registrants must register to expresstango.org

Participants can only register for themselves.

They have to file out the registration form with valid, up-to-date information. Having completed this, they will be able to select their choice of classes and milonga nights.

Couple Registration is also available with a requirement of valid information regarding both participants.

Couple registrations mean MEN/WOMEN. We want GENDER BALANCED

Registration cannot be transferred to another person.

The exchange and refund policies can be found in the exchange and refund section.

All registrations completed on July 1st are non-refundable and not transferrable to another party or person.

The payment needs to be processed on July 1st with no exceptions.



Early Bird pricing is offered only on July 1st with up to 50% reduction

 There will not be another offer of a 50% reduction in order to protect the rights of those who registered on July 1st.

 Early Bird pricing is offered only on July 1st with 50% reduction

 Payments must be made on July 1st in order to receive the discounted prices

NO REFUNDS,NO TRANSFERS, NO OTHER PROPOSITIONS will be issued for people who registered on July 1st.




July 1st

Up to 50% discount, payment needs to be done on July 1st

July 2nd- August 15th

Up to 30% discount, with payment required to be done on these dates.

August 15th - September 15th

Up to 20% discount, with payment required to be done on these dates

Couple Registration is valid until September 15th, with a 20% discount.

Participants can only select one of those early bird pricings above.



1) The fastest and easiest way to register for the festival is online at www.expresstango.org/register

 2) Registration can also be made at the Istanbul Express Dance Store with an option of credit card or cash payment.

 3) IF participants want to pay by bank transfer, All bank fees and other fees are paid by the participant. Participants must email their choice of classes and milongas to info@expresstango.org, with the proof of payment.

You can find the pricing at expresstango.org/prices

Prices are in Euros.


Exchange and Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS / EXHANGES or TRANSFERS for early bird pricing on July 1st, no exceptions granted.

Important Dates for Refunds


JULY 2nd - August 1st  90% Refund

August 2nd- August 25th  50% Refund

After August 25th NO REFUND

All hotel and other payments are non-refundable at any time


 Festival Rules & Regulations

1.     The Festival team can change the details of the organization at any time without notice.

2.     The organization has the right to refuse to serve anyone at any time.

3.     Participants who do not follow the rules will be kindly requested to leave the festival without any refund

4.     Only registrants will be able to participate at the event, the classes and the milonga nights

5.     We will not accept any guests besides the participants to classes and milongas

6.     Guests must pay the fees just like paid registrants.

7.     Filming during the festival shows or classes are subject to permission by the organizers.

8.     Those who do not pay within the time-frame provided for them to complete their payment, will be deleted from the registrants list and may not be able to join the festival events due to limited quota of participants.

9.     Once the capacity of the milonga nights and the classes have been reached, registration for them will be closed.

10.  The organizers are not responsible for finding partners for those who lack one. It is recommended that participants join with a partner, as it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure an equal number of leaders and followers.

11.  Due to limited capacity and quotas of leaders and followers in the classes, participants may not be able join their desired class with their desired partner. The organization is not responsible for this situation. You can find out the updated status of classes from the organization team.

12.  Those who have not registered with a partner will be coupled with others who have registered to the classes.

13.  Participation is at participant’s own risk. Organizer is not responsible for any risks or damages

14.  For reasons of force majeure if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service. The Organizer can decide to cancel the Event at short notice. If the Event is cancelled because of force majeure no new date will be set; the next Event will take place a year later. In this case no entry fees and additional orders will be refunded to the Participant.


İstanbul Express

Tango Festival

Since it’s first edition in 2015, Istanbul-Express Tango Festival presents a nice blend of TANGO that we all love with all the nostalgic element of Istanbul that people all around the world have been visiting for years. Join us to #expressyourself in Istanbul with Tango

  • Express Headquarters
    Hayriye Caddesi, 18/B Çukurcuma
    Beyoğlu / İSTANBUL
  • info@expresstango.org
  • +90 212 243 96 84