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Istanbul-Express is proud to present La Juan D'Arienzo.

This spectacular orchestra will give concerts and live shows during the festival. In 2015, they played at our festival for the very first-time and by popular demand, we are very much pleased to have once again in 2018

"La Juan D'Arienzo" Tango Orchestra took shape at the end of 2012 with the idea of ​​keeping alive and performing the unmistakable style of composer Juan D'Arienzo "through a new generation of musicians of wide range in the genre, inheritors of a personal mark of whom can be weighed as one of the most important musicians and arrangers: Carlos Lazzari. 

With rhythm, energy and strength, these young elements have achieved the possibility to recreate the marvelous repertoire of the mythical Juan D'Arienzo Orchestra bringing it closer to the Tango and Milonga audience of the City of Buenos Aires and inside the Country. In this short time "La Juan D'Arienzo" has managed to achieve a place in the main Milongas. 

The Orchestra consists of: 4 Bandoneons, 3 Violins, Piano and Double Bass along with the extraordinary voices of Fernando Rodas





Istanbul-Express proud to present Misteriosa Buenos Aires. 

The Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires, was born in 2008, as a renovating musical proposal of the danceable tango; Taking up the legacy of the great orchestras of the 40s, their repertoire is varied and dynamic, and includes classical tangos, new tangos, waltzes, milongas, milongas-candombes and Argentine folklore.

The orchestra bets to continue developing the genre, through new compositions and personal versions of classic tangos. Aware of the cultural and musical changes that have taken place since the 40s to the present, this project returns to stage a typical orchestra as "the ones from before", but with the energy and the imprint of the new generations, being part of what some risk calling it "the new golden age of tango".

Since 2008 the orchestra has edited three albums, De salón (2010), Una noche en la milonga (2013) and Tu acostico (2015), made three European tours 2010-2013-2015, visiting several countries such as: France, Italy , Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, I also travel through Brazil (San Pablo) and Argentina (Tucuman, Rosario, Cordoba, Santa Fe, La Pampa, Chubut, Salto, Trenque Lauquen, Pehuajo, etc). In Buenos Aires they were presented among others in the Festival and World of Tango Buenos Aires, Center of exhibitions, CC Torcuato Tasso, Theater San Martin, Theater May 25, Milonga the Chip, Salon Canning, etc.





Piano, arrangements and direction: Javier Arias

Double bass: Patricio Peralta

Bandoneons: Diego Benbassat, Nicolás Codega, Joaquín Angiolini

Violins: Damián González Gantes, Pablo Martinez Lammer,

Matias Coban.

Voice: Eliana Sosa

İstanbul Express

Tango Festival

Since it’s first edition in 2015, Istanbul-Express Tango Festival presents a nice blend of TANGO that we all love with all the nostalgic element of Istanbul that people all around the world have been visiting for years. Join us to #expressyourself in Istanbul with Tango

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